About Us

Founded in 1986 in Jerusalem as a small family business. At first, it dealt exclusively with Jasmine products, which manufactures traditional and quality frozen food products, in Jerusalem and its immediate vicinity.


Over the years, the company has accumulated knowledge and expertise in the field of frozen food, which provides people and companies in the culinary field in Israel with simple solutions for quality food while maintaining freshness over time.


As the company grew, we expanded our operations into additional channels. Among  them, the production of frozen dough in the Badatz ultra-Orthodox community, with high quality (without trans-fat and without margarine), as well as the import of frozen food products from all over the world.


First, the import focused on a variety of frozen vegetables, mainly from Belgium. From there we continued importing frozen fish, for example, salmon from Norway and Hayek from South Africa. Recently, we started importing raw quality meat from South America. The selection of suppliers is done with great precision and is reflected in the quality and high quality of the products.


The supply chain begins at the distribution center located in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, and continues through advanced and modern cooling trucks that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health and the authorities. All these ensure the quality and freshness of the product.

Our products meet all the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Health, the Veterinary Service, the conditions of kashrut and the approval of the Rabbinate.


Today, et-ran Ltd. Specializes in the import and marketing of frozen food products throughout the country and is one of the leading companies in its field, with more than 30 years of experience in marketing frozen food products to large retail chains, restaurants, catering companies, mini-markets, butcher shops, hotels and more.



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